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The Legal Estate Group is a law firm based in Phuket, Thailand with experienced attorneys, both Thai and foreign. At the Legal Estate Group, we strive to provide people based in Thailand’s beautiful islands with the professional and reliable legal advice they would expect if they were living in a large city. We recognize that foreigners in Thailand may have an unfamiliarity with the legal system, so we aim to clearly explain procedures, alternatives, risks and benefits so that our clients can make informed decisions on all transactional and litigious matters.

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What are the typical fees?

Our fees are dependent upon the scope of work we are hired to carry out. Prior to you being charged fees, you will need to sign an engagement letter that clearly explains the work we will be performing, the fees for that work and the terms and conditions of our services. Depending on the nature of the work, our fees may be hourly, fixed at a certain price or some combination of the two.

What languages do your attorneys speak?

We have native-speaking English and Thai attorneys.

Do you handle matters not specified on this website?

Yes. Contact us to set up a free consultation and we’ll let you know if we can assist you. If we can’t, we’ll suggest firms that might have the expertise you need.

In which jurisdictions does your firm practice?

We are a Thai law firm specializing in Thai law. However, we also have attorneys qualified in Canada and the USA and can liaise with attorneys in other jurisdictions as necessary to help you achieve your objective.

Do you provide nominee shareholders?

No. We do not provide nominee shareholders.

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